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Irontwist discussion on

Irontwist presents:
Sunday Bloody Sunday
25th November, Midday - 10pm


The DJ Producer

[UK] - Secret show

Hardcore room:
Xylocaine (Bloody Fist) [live]
Mark N (Bloody Fist)
Paul Blackout (Hardline Rekz)
Mr 556a (Com-baton) [live] - last show ever
Diabolique (Irontwist)[live]
Dj Zeitgeist (SY:CO)
Fraughman (Power Violence) [live]
Maladroit (Hong Kong Violence)

Doomcore room:
Evil Noise (Irontwist) [live]
Retali8 (Zerohour)
Dim Figure (Killerwatts) [live]
Double Robin (DSS)
Dislasystem (Killerwatts) [live]
Autoclave [live]
Nightshade (Killerwatts)
Ivan the Terrible (Tribot)
Scotty (Hostile Placenta)
Matt Bleak (Random Stabbings/Splitterblast)[live]
Semtex Disruptor (Random Stabbings/Splitterblast)

Artist profiles plus song/set downloads

Visuals by 7U? and Dislasystem

$15 entry, Live House 794 Parramatta Rd Lewisham

Event will feature 2 rooms with 10 hours of music, 3 beer gardens, gourmet BBQ food available, stalls for cd/shirt/art/misc merchandise.

First 100 people through the door receive an exclusive Irontwist mix CD

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